2023 Witches On The Water Paddle Gallery

Susan –

Resize 2023 images, so that none are larger than 1000 pixels in either direction. I can do this when I return if you can’t. Upload them to the website using the Media link on the left hand column.


Click the pencil icon for the Masonry Media grid below, remove the example pictures by clicking on their red X. Now click to add images and go ahead and select only the images you think are good from the media gallery.

Click save

Click “Update” for the page

Now you can add this page to the main menu.

On left column of wordpress

  1. Click Appearance
  2. Click Menu
  3. Click to add page
  4. Be sure to change title to something shorter “2023 SUP Gallery”
  5. Click save

Witches On The Water Paddle 2023, Oyster Pond Beach, Chatham Ma.