Witches On The Water 2022 Recipient

Cape Wellness Collaborative

Witches On The Water along with our Sponsors were thrilled to have supported Cape Wellness Collaborative in 2022. Our community came together in droves to help us raise $31,200 for this fantastic organization! This amount helped CWC raise the value of the Wellness Care Card to $1000 per person! We are so very grateful to our amazing neighbors and friends. Visit the Cape Wellness Collaborative website and learn about their mission and how to support them year-round.


Jane Hildebrand, our most powerful witch of 2022 having raised over $5,000 and Abigail Fields, CEO of CWC

Witches On The Water 2022 Paddlers

Check out our Witches Photo Gallery for WOW 2022 – We had such a great time and want to thank everyone who attended!

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