Witches Paddle 2023

Saturday, October 7, 10AM – 3:00 PM

Registration is open!

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We are so excited that our magical efforts for 2023 will benefit Cape Abilities! This long standing, successful organization works tirelessly to create an inclusive community for people of all abilities.

Join the Witches On the Water to help Cape Abilities further their important work for the people of our community.




What We Do

Witches On the Water, Inc. is about stepping up and providing help where it is necessary in our Cape Cod community. We believe that in order to create change in the world one must start locally. We are about the magic of power and love that a determined group of women can summon when there is a need. Every year Witches On the Water, Inc. chooses a different local non-profit organization as the recipient of our fundraising efforts for that year. Our main event is an annual Witches Paddle held every fall to highlight the chosen non-profit. Even though we are serious about our mission, we believe life should be fun and our definition of fun always includes paddleboards and witch costumes!

Our Story

Our story is simple, much like our philosophy; help when and where we can, and keep it fun. In the fall of 2019, Jo-Ellen Erickson and Susan Price decided to don witch costumes and go for a paddle on Town Cove in Orleans just for the heck of it. They invited friends to join and, on a gorgeous, sunny day in early October of 2019, no less than 14 paddle boarders arrived in full witch regalia to bring cheer to all who witnessed. Word got out and the spectators arrived with cameras and recorders. The story spread and people began asking “How can I join you next year?” “What are you raising money for?” The curiosity, attention and response from the community was overwhelming! The two friends spoke and it was clear, they could use this excitement to make a difference while doing something creative and fun. “We must use our power for good” they cried!

And thus began the ripple that led to a wave that is spreading throughout the entire Cape Cod community.

Our Mission

There are so many worthy nonprofits on the Cape that support the community. Witches On the Water, Inc. aspires to be the organization that owns the reputation of being an effective and trusted resource committed to the people of Cape Cod. We are working towards holding a yearly major fundraising paddling event in multiple harbors and waterways all over the Cape on the same day. We fully intend to be a household name and envision that this event will be greatly anticipated by the public every year. We strive for repeat contributors and a growing number of volunteers in order to maintain positive growth and adaptation to an ever-changing community.

How We Choose our Recipients

Every year, each board member of Witches On the Water, Inc. presents a Cape Cod non-profit organization which they would like to support. When all the charitable organizations have been presented, the choices are dropped into a cauldron and a nonbiased human draws the recipient. Shazam! The drawn winner will be the recipient of that year’s fundraising efforts, centered around our annual paddling event. We collaborate with the chosen recipient throughout the year to maximize awareness of their organization and Witches On the Water, Inc.

All paddlers for our events must wear a life saving vest and a leash. No exceptions.