Witches On The Water – Our Mission

Who we are:
Witches on the Water is a collective committed to illuminating, supporting, and enriching the work of non- profit organizations on Cape Cod. We believe that creativity, determination, and collaborative effort contribute to greater connectivity and awareness of the possibilities within our unique and beautiful Cape Cod community.

What we do:
Illuminating the efforts of one Cape Cod non-profit organization chosen each year, Witches on the Water organizes a year-long supportive fundraising effort, coordinates volunteer contribution, and celebrates philanthropic achievement culminating in a gathering honoring the beneficiary organization as well as all community members who have contributed to its enrichment.

Where we’re going:
In our inaugural year, we of Witches on the Water will establish our collective as an energetic community contributor, choose a non-profit organization to support, orchestrate and administer fundraising, plan and organize our paddling event and volunteer effort in celebration of the beneficiary organization. Our goal is to organize our philanthropic gift, and collaborative effort in a fun and creative event designed to invigorate enthusiasm for the following year’s endeavor.

What we want:
We desire and intend that Witches on the Water will become a known trusted resource committed to the people of Cape Cod. We strive for longevity of contribution, expansion of motivated volunteerism, and for continuous redefinition of potential in the dynamic commitment to strengthening our community. Long term we hope to encourage other communities around the nation to hold a Witches On The Water event and support their local communities.