Other ways to make waves with the Witches

Join the Magic: Be a Witches On The Water Volunteer in Cape Cod this year!

Are you ready to be part of something truly enchanting? Witches On The Water’s Annual Charity Event in Cape Cod is calling on you to join our dynamic team of volunteers and experience the magic of making a difference firsthand! Whether you have a few hours to spare, want to lend your expertise, or simply bring your infectious enthusiasm, there’s a role for everyone.

By volunteering, you’re not just contributing to a memorable event; you’re helping us cast a spell of positive change throughout our Cape Cod community. Whether you’re helping run the event smoothly, providing promotional support, offering delicious food, or cheering on participants, your involvement is invaluable.

You’ll witness the impact of your efforts in the smiling faces of beneficiaries and the bonds of togetherness that grow stronger in our vibrant community.

Join us in weaving a tapestry of love, empowerment, and fun at Witches On The Water’s Annual Charity Event, and let’s create magic together!

Your cape, your community, your cause!